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Here is some examples of my non-pony art. Cats, Betelgeusians, anthros, humans, griffons, and Pokemon

Your pokemon style is perf

Why thank you~

I am in this

Pssst love ya! hope you feel better soon, I wish there were more I could do besides wish you well. Just try and remember as well as other things you’re getting lots of love from your favorite silly little bird this weekend~!


Resonate: Animal series_01
Silent Studios | Silent Records
Art Direction, Design & Illustration by Si Scott Via

famosity14 asked: It's not even your fucking job to art every day... unless they are paying you, they can't tell you to do shit.

The sister has spoken

Hey ‘anon’. I’m not “productive” because I don’t have my tablet with me. I’m in another city. I’m stuck here until bronycon. Don’t assume that because I’m not putting out art that it’s because of ridiculous reasons like the one you put out.