Missy Birb

zonemod asked: Wait, didn't you say Rossy can't convert ponies? Isn't Happy a convert? How come he can convert ponies? I mean, unless it was something like he was converted by a queen and Rossy can't cuz he's second hand conversion...?

Rossy can’t turn ponies in his current state, no. Hrggg you’ll find out when the story is released.

asksepiatock asked: Hey, I just wanted to thank you for putting up those speedpaints. They're immensely fascinating to watch. And really, very nice for seeing how to get the most out of SAI, I really want to thank you. Hopefully I'll be able to steal your techni- I mean use the tools you've shown me how to use to do my own thing. And again. Thanks.

wooo I enjoy watching my speedpaints as well. :D

No prob <3

I personally blame jitters

I personally blame jitters

I love my art

cuz it can go from


modblog-neapolitan-pony asked: And Im guessing the art style we adopted was from Azula?


Yes my art style is heavily inspired by Azula and some other artists,but I try to scrap my own style out of all thisĀ 


ahappypichu-mod asked: Hey thanks for joining us in the google hangout!

my chrome died D: